July 2018

Artificial Intelligence in Industry. Real Cases and Trends. 9th October, San Sebastian

The recent advancements in Artificial Intelligence are motivating the radical transformation in several sectors, especially in the Industry and Advanced Manufacturing, it is an essential enabling technology in the Industry 4.0 paradigm. 


Objective of the Workshop

This Workshop on Artificial Intelligence in Industry organised by Vicomtech, will be focused on case studies and future trends. We will have the opportunity of learning the international vision of two renowned international invited speakers, as well as real use cases on how the Artificial Intelligence can help resolving problems in the industrial fields such as Advanced Manufacturing, Intelligent Transport and Industrial processes.


Addressed to...

Mainly to Managers, Intermediate Managers, Technical and Innovation Directors of manufacturing industrial companies and ICT suppliers of any industrial field

When and where?

On Tuesday 9th October, from 9:00 to 14:00 in the Principal Building of the San Sebastian Technology Park

Mikeletegi 53, 20009 San Sebastian


09:00–9:15   Registration

09:15–09:20   Welcome. Dr. Jorge Posada, Technical Director of Vicomtech

09:20–09:35 Institutional Opening. Estíbaliz Hernáez, Deputy Minister for Technology, Innovation and Competitiveness Department, Basque Government

09:35–09:50   Artificial Intelligence: Principal concepts and trends. Dr. Jorge Posada, Director Técnico de Vicomtech. 

09:5010:30   Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Vision in Industry. Prof. Dr. Didier Stricker, Head of the Augmented Vision Department, DFKI - German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence.

10:3011:00   Artificial Intelligence in Advanced Manufacturing. Concepts and Real Cases. Vicomtech.

11:00–11:20   Coffee & Networking

11:20–11:50: Artificial Intelligence in  Intelligent Transport:  Autonomous  Guiding and Mobility.  Vicomtech.

11:5012:30:   Artificial Intelligence - Industrial Data Analytics. Keynote Speaker. (to be confirmed).

12:3013:10:   Round Table. Future Challenges. 

13:1014:00:   Lunch


Free Registration

This Workshop is free and has limited places

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