New personalized, collaborative and ubiquitous services for chronic patients (self-)management

KRONOS presents a holistic solution to address the needs of the different actors involved in the provision of health services (patients, families, health professionals and citizens in general) and require complex solutions that cannot be addressed by a single company.

The challenges posed require the integration of different profiles and views so that the project will bring together ICT companies (BILBOMATICA, Ándago, DATINET, DINITEL, ILINE, Virtualware and STT), technological research centres (TEKNIKER, ITC, VIRTUALWARELABS and VICOMTECH) and clinical profile provided by Asuncion Clinic and BIOEF.

KRONOS will exploit the possibilities offered by new technologies to extend the active prevention and care of chronic patients at all stages of the care cycle, thereby improving the quality of life of these people. The main objective of the project - that pursues technology and process innovation -, consist on transferring to the patient's usual environment care services that are normally provided only at hospital or care centres (ubiquity of performance).

Duration of the project

01/05/2012 - 31/12/2014

Technological solutions