KonektaTV: A product for generating advanced interactive multiple screen services for live TV events

The main objective of KTB is to develop a new product consisting of a platform for generating interactive audio-visual services for simultaneous consumption via multiple devices around television, linked to a live event being broadcast by the TV signal.

The platform will quickly and simply generate specific applications for each device (connected TV, smartphone, tablet, PC, etc.), synchronising the content and the user’s experience with simultaneous use of different devices.  An in-depth study will be made of the second screen experience, enhancing the user’s TV viewing experience as they use their tablet or smartphone to access additional information, on-demand video, etc. The aim is to enjoy a unique experience, synchronised via different devices.

The platform will generate services totally geared to enhancing a live event, with the active participation of TV or radio broadcasters, who will be totally involved in the business model generated with this kind of innovative services. The platform will be developed so that the company leading the project can sell and provide services to the different producers and broadcasters wishing to offer advanced services for a specific live event: sports events (football, pelota, tennis, basketball, etc.), cultural events (concerts, conferences, presentations, galas etc.), leisure and festive events.

Duration of the project

01/09/2013 - 31/10/2015

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