Automation of Subtitles generation and translation for Post-edition

The subtitling is the preferred and cheapest method to make the audiovisual contents accessible and exportable. This Project shows a viable and exploitable system, able to make the subtitling and translation processes more productive using new technology.

The main goal of the Project is to answer to the increasing needs of subtitle generation and translation processes automation by the development of high quality automatic audio transcription and translation technologies to enable effective post-edition of the subtitles.

Nowadays an average of 10 hours a day is still needed in order to subtitle one hour of audiovisual content. The difficulty lies on the manual transcription and synchronization of audio and video contents. The development of automatic transcription technology will allow to semi-automatize the traditional process. If the generated subtitles are good enough, the subtitler will be able to correct them faster than generating them from scratch.

Furthermore, despite the last advances in the automatic translation, the translation of subtitles from the origin language to the foreign language is being performed completely manually. The development of subtitles automatic translation technology will allow the semi-automation of the traditional process. If the automatically translated subtitles have enough quality, the subtitlers will be able to post-edit them faster than translating them from scratch.

Duration of the project

01/07/2013 - 30/06/2015