Enhancement of the response to therapy against solid tumours – MERIT

against solid tumours – MERIT

The cancer therapy is a complex medical process where different medical specialities take part in order to cover different aspects of the illness. One or various types of cancer therapies are chosen based on various medical observations. With the goal of monitoring the patients based on the provided therapies, medical expert groups are formed, who periodically review the global evolution and decide if a change of therapy is necessary. 

The digitalisation of the current process allows the group of experts to take faster decisions. Before, these decisions were taken with paper-based information, using physical folders of patients where all the medical reports related to any event in the therapy were stored.

Nowadays the digitalisation allows to use tools which speed up the location of the relevant data for automatic decision-making. Various commercial approaches have already arisen in order to carry out these actions. Nevertheless the incorporation of the medical diagnostic imaging in these processes is still very challenging.  This is due to the amount of data handled and to the connectivity of the information systems which nowadays are responsible of its storage (PACS for example).

Vicomtech takes part in a project coordinated by eMedica and aims to smoother the information intake from the medical image to the medical decision support systems in the monitoring of oncology cases. The project is entitled Enhancement of the response to therapy against solid tumours – MERIT. The project partners are: eMedica, with the aim of improving the existing product, Semantic Systems, working on a medical decision support system, Onkologikoa for the clinical monitoring and Vicomtech as technology partner.

The aim of the project is to nimbly expand the feature extraction of the image beyond the RECIST criteria used currently through its segmentation and annotation tool and feed with it the decision support platform developed by Semantic Systems to offer the professionals of Onkologikoa an enhancement in the patient monitoring using its already digitalised system. The project has been funded by SPRI, the Basque Business Development Agency of the Basque Government (Gobierno Vasco) through the GAITEK 2015 call.

Duration of the project

01/01/2015 - 31/03/2018

Technological solutions

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