BerbaOla: Speech and Language technologies applied to the RIS3 areas

BerbaOla proposes a fundamental research project aimed at facing the challenges of the strategy of intelligent specialization of the Basque Government, with the purpose of consolidating the positioning of Euskadi as a point of reference in the field of linguistic technologies. The main objective of the project is the following: research and development in language and speech technologies for Advanced Manufacturing, Biosciences and Health, and Cultural and Creative Industries.

Likewise, the principal aim of the project is broken down into the following scientific-technological objectives:
• To deepen fundamental research in language and speech technologies for the opportunity niches of the Cultural and Language Industries, as well as for the strategic priorities of Advanced Manufacturing and Biosciences and Human Health.
• To reinforce the scientific-technological contribution of language and speech technologies for the aforementioned niches of opportunity, tracing their development and progress as competitive industries.
• To focus fundamental research in Advanced Manufacturing, with the aim of providing intelligence to the productive processes and human-machine interaction.
• To orient fundamental research so that the social challenges marked in Horizon 2020 and its strategic priority in Biosciences and Human Health, respond to challenges such as aging, interoperability of medical information, pharmacovigilance or the inclusion of people with disabilities.
• To help overcome linguistic barriers so that Basque companies have a competitive advantage in the Digital Single Market and Basque is not digitally relegated.
• To promote substantially new multilingual and intelligent technological solutions through the exploration of innovative ideas based on scientific foundations.
• To support collaborative research, guided by objectives and interdisciplinarity at various scales.
• To generate the basis for the development of an Intelligent Territory: from the opening and linking of social processes, through the multilingual connectivity of things creating new spaces for interaction that enable a new inclusive paradigm.
• To consolidate the BerbaOla consortium as an excellent scientific-technological benchmark in language and speech technologies within the European Research Area.
• To reinforce the excellence, dynamism and creativity of research in language and speech technologies, where interdisciplinarity and convergence with other scientific-technological areas is a constant.
• To carry out actions for the incorporation of Basque technicians and researchers of prestige in language and speech technologies.
• To consolidate the consortium as a reference pole, since it will involve the integration and generation of a critical mass investigating within the Basque system, contributing to placing our community in a preferential position in the so-called European Research Area (ERA).
• To promote and generate a network of scientific collaboration in the international field with research centers of worldwide recognition.
• To promote and generate research capital in excellence research in the field of language technologies in Euskadi, which becomes a reference at national and European level.

In addition, the following scope and impact objectives have been defined:
• To substantially improve the scientific-technological transfer of the project results and quantify its socio-economic projection.
• To build the right tools to generate better knowledge and understanding of natural language processing as an economic phenomenon, its impact on the territory, companies and people. It will serve to reinforce its orientation towards results and its proximity to the needs of the companies and the whole of the Basque society.
• To work jointly and continuously with the business sector to adapt the planned lines of research and projects as efficiently as possible.
• To adopt innovative research practices and identify and take advantage of long-term benefit opportunities for the Territory and the companies.
• To integrate the knowledge generated from the innovative, scientific-technological actions within the framework of training programs in language technologies, Advanced Manufacturing and Biosciences and Human Health.
• To generate clear support for the immediate dissemination and transfer of knowledge and technological advances in order to support the business sector and encourage the creation of technology-based companies or start-ups in knowledge-intensive sectors in the field of language and speech technologies.

Duration of the project

01/03/2017 - 31/12/2018

Mª Arantzazu del Pozo


Technological solutions