Our aim is to meet the Applied Research, Technology Development and Innovation requirements of local companies and institutions in the Computer Graphics and Multimedia fields, enhancing their competitive edge and improving society’s economic development and quality of life

The main transfer mechanism for this research is the creation of R+D+i projects geared to companies’ needs. Vicomtech uses a work methodology certified under the UNE-166.002 Innovation Management Systems Standard, which means the whole organisation focuses on key processes in RDI project development: technology watch and specialisation, results orientation, impact assessment and methodical transfer.

The centre also works intensively on cooperation projects, through cooperative technology development promotion schemes.

See the Specialisation Technologies section to find out more about our technologies and some R+D+i projects.

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On an international scale, Vicomtech carries out cooperative projects through the various EC framework programmes. It also has mechanisms for establishing bilateral agreements and participating in other international programmes for promoting cooperative technology development and setting up bilateral agreements with companies in other countries.

Vicomtech’s international project team secures and coordinates projects for the centre and its collaborators.

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Horizon 2020

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Any type of company can participate in H2020, from independent contractors to the biggest of multinationals.