Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs)

The use of ICT has a significant impact on all the phases of the production chain of the CCIs (conception, production, distribution, access to audiences and engagement in feedback from the audience/market).

ICTs are fostering the development of new links in the value chain of all Cultural and Creative Industries.  Vicomtech-IK4 is targeting several technological trends related to each of the subsectors of the CCIs. All the projects are the result of the efficient interaction between technology and humanities.

  • Low-cost content digitization and preservation practices
  • Collaborative design and modelling  tools with the consumer in the loop
  • Computer-based tools to support cooperative and collaborative experience authoring
  • Automatic 3D models generation tools for experts
  • Data tracking for rights management
  • Linked Open Data
  • Multiplatform integration (technology, content, standards)
  • Personalized experiences on the basis of content and user profiling
  • Hybrid recommender systems for collective intelligence
  • Unstructured content  data mining