Augmented Reality

Object tracking, structure from motion, simultaneous location and mapping and Web 3D

Augmented Reality (AR) encompasses all computer-supported technologies that enhance (in real time) the perception of physical reality, by augmenting the sensorial experience to provide additional information of relevance, thereby enriching the understanding of a specific real world situation. Sensorial augmentation is typically visual (adding visual clues or explanations, or object enhancements, to video input from cameras), although it also includes other sensorial enhancements, such as smell or acoustic augmented reality. The broader concept of mixed reality combines Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality as different stages in a continuum that at one extreme has the purely physical, real world, and at the other the purely imaginary, virtual world. Combinations of various degrees between both extremes can generate Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality experiences.

Vicomtech is focusing its research on several Augmented Reality technologies, such as:

  • Object Tracking is used to follow the position of an object using Computer Vision or other techniques to precisely determine its relative position and motion.
  • Structure from Motion (SfM) provides the original 3D structure from 2D image sequences depicting the motion of the object (e.g., the human body).
  • Simultaneous Location and Mapping (SLAM) provides a way to construct a map in a priori unknown environments, tracking the current position of a moving object in that environment.
  • Web 3D technologies, for using a natural and browser-native approach to display 3D interactive content on the Web, including VR and possibly AR scenarios.


Outstanding projects