Multimedia Flow Management

TV and broadcasting technologies, mobile services, IP infrastructure and services

Multimedia Flow Management is a technology field that groups several aspects of multimedia content distribution and multimedia service infrastructures. As digital convergence advances, the integrated management of different forms of multimedia flows is becoming more relevant than ever. On the one hand, digital TV and broadcasting is a reality that requires specific methodologies and new technologies, while on the other, mobile services and IP-based infrastructures also have their own technological needs, and the link between these different forms of multimedia flow management is a key strength of Vicomtech’s research strategy.

Vicomtech is conducting research in the following lines of Multimedia Flow Management:

  • TV and Broadcasting Technologies for new ways of distributing multimedia content, including a specific and robust line in standards for multimedia flow management
  • Mobile Services, what’s more, are key enablers of the Information Society, and the technological multimedia aspects of these services are an obvious target for specialization
  • IP Infrastructure and Services is the gateway to the new world of multimedia content and internet applications, and research aspects combining this field with mobile and TV scenarios are extremely pertinent.


Outstanding projects