Service Provision Technologies

Middleware for interactive TV applications, universal remote control / universal control hub, HTML 5 / HbbTV and mobile services

Service Provision Technologies are especially suited to the preparation of innovative technological environments in order to provide advanced services for the Information Society, which may take many different forms: e-Health services to rehabilitate people at home, e-Commerce services to provide B2B or B2C services, e-Government services to render the relationship between citizens and government easier and more transparent, etc. The main strengths of Vicomtech’s research in this field are related to the provision of novel forms of interaction for these services, scientific work in advanced standards, and the automatic adjustment of these services and their interfaces to specific users.

The following are some of Vicomtech’s research lines in this technology family:

  • Middleware for Interactive TV applications: based on our own technology (DISCOT) and on making scientific improvements to third-party technologies, we have proven expertise and technical capability in setting up middleware solutions for interactive TV applications according to the latest trends and standards in the field.
  • Universal Remote Console / Universal Control Hub: with URC/UCH standards and other related solutions, Vicomtech is at the forefront of applied research that adapts user interfaces to people’s abilities and needs, making the interface and operation of everyday devices more transparent and accessible.
  • HTML 5 / HbbTV: based on the new HTML 5 and related standards, Vicomtech is conducting research to help companies deploy advanced web solutions in a clearer cut and more powerful manner, combining all kinds of 3D and multimedia content in an interactive and transparent way not seen before. Besides, the combination of HTML 5 with the HbbTV standard opens the door to new forms of interactivity in media experiences, such as the Second-Screen paradigm.
  • Mobile Services, what’s more, are key enablers of the Information Society, and the technological multimedia aspects of these services are an obvious target for specialization.




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