About Us

Vicomtech is an applied research centre specialising in Advanced Interaction technologies, Computer Vision, Data Analytics, Computer Graphics and Language Technologies.

It belongs to Graphicsmedia.net, a strategic alliance of international applied research centres working in computer graphics and multimedia technologies.

Vicomtech aims to respond to the innovation requirements of companies and institutions. To do this, it

  • Conducts applied research and develops multimedia visual interaction and communications technologies.
  • Complements and closely collaborates with industry, universities and other technology centres.
  • Promotes mobility and training for its researchers.

This command of knowledge and technologies, either directly or through the network, provides value to clients, as Vicomtech:

  • Suitably responds to its clients’ needs.
  • Enables companies to make the most of the opportunities available to them.
  • Proposes product improvement or developments based on state-of-the-art science and technology knowledge.

Vicomtech’s Board of Trustees is currently made up of relevant representative members within its areas of action.

Vicomtech achieved the HR Excellence in Research recognition of the European Commission, which proves its compromise with open, transparent and merit-based recruitment of researchers (OTM-R: Open, Transparent and Merit-based RECRUITMENT OF Researchers). This acknowledgement adds up to ISO9001_2015 and UNE166002:2014, which means another step forward towards international excellency in advanced management in R&D&I, an aspect of the DNA of the centre since the beginning.

All its activities are covered by the innovation management system - continuous improvement and measurement of results, technology innovation process optimisation and knowledge transfer and generation - ensuring it uses the highest quality methods.


Vicomtech’s research profile makes it a bridge between the local and international spheres, and this applied research model places new opportunities for accessing a global business environment within reach of local companies, allowing them to benefit from the latest international advances. Vicomtech’s participation in international projects complements and boosts its main work on local projects

Additionally, Vicomtech contributes to knowledge by training new researchers and disseminating its results through world-renowned publications and conferences