Clusters & Collaborations

The collaboration with several agents enhances our expertise.
  • Biodonostia Health Research Institute

    Biodonostia Health Research Institute

    The Biodonostia Health Research Institute is the first Biohealth Research Entity in the Basque Country to be acknowledged by the Carlos III Health Institute. is an associate entity of the Biodonostia Health Research Institute and its active participation includes running the Bioengineering Department and closely collaborating with the Donostia Hospital and other health centres in Gipuzkoa province.

  • Basque Innovation Agency

    Basque Innovation Agency

    The Basque Innovation Agency is a public/private foundation comprising public institutions, members of the Basque Science and Technology Network and other economic and social actors with a view to becoming the Basque Innovation System’s main coordinating body and aiding implementation of the new science, technology and innovation policy.

  • Eurographics


    Eurographics is the only professional Computer Graphics association in Europe.It helps its members enhance the state of the art in Computer Graphics and other related fields such as Multimedia, Scientific Visualisation and Human-Computer Interaction.

  • CIT


    The Innovation and Technology Centre Network (CIT) is a group of not-for-profit entities created to improve company competitiveness through technology upgrading and innovation.



    Association for Social Technology Promotion. Application of scientific and technological knowledge to solve problems concerned with livelihood, health, education, ageing and disability.



    EIKEN, the Basque Audiovisual Cluster, is a not-for-profit professional association grouping together the main Basque companies specialising in the creation and provision of audiovisual sector-based content, products and services.

  • TIL-ITS Euskadi

    TIL-ITS Euskadi

    The 'TIL- ITS EUSKADI' CLUSTER is a mechanism for improving the competitive edge of the transport and logistics sector. It aspires to be a meeting point for all the logistics and transport area stakeholders in our Eurozone (the Basque Country and adjacent regions), to boost their synergies and innovation for greater sustainability and competitiveness.

  • GAIA


    GAIA, the Basque Association of Electronics and Information Technology Industries, is a private not-for-profit professional entity created in 1983 and currently made up of over 200 companies offering products and services in the electronics, computing and telecommunications areas.

  • Ametic


    Vicomtech forms part of the RDI unit Management Board of AMETIC, the Association of Electronics, IT, Telecommunications and Digital Content Companies, which caters to the business interests of this diverse and dynamic hypersector on a nationwide level.With over 5,000 associate companies, it represents a total of 386,000 employees and around 7% of the Spanish GDP.A third of Spain’s private R&D effort is made by our companies, making us the economy’s most innovative and dynamic sector with the highest potential for growth.

  • Biobasque


    From a strong heritage of industrial success, the Basque Country has turned itself into a small but vibrant bioregion, name BioBasque, with a growing cluster of life science companies rooted in a renovated research and innovation system.