X3DOM volume rendering component for web content developers






Ander Arbelaiz Aranzasti, Aitor Moreno Guerrero, Luis Kabongo, Alejandro García-Alonso


Multimedia Tools and Applications

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Volume rendering, WebGL, Declarative 3D, X3DOM, X3D

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We present a real-time volume rendering component for the Web, which provides a set of illustrative and non-photorealistic styles. Volume data is used in many scientific disciplines, requiring the visualization of the inner data, features for enhancing extracted characteristics or even coloring the volume. The Medical Working Group of X3D published a volume rendering specification. The next step is to build a component that realizes the functionalities defined by the specification. We have designed and built a volume rendering component integrated in the X3DOM framework. This component allows content developers to use the X3D specification. It combines and applies multiple rendering styles to several volume data types, offering a suitable tool for declarative volume rendering on the Web. As we show in the result section, the proposed component can be used in many fields that requires the visualization of multi-dimensional data, such as in medical and scientific fields. Our approach is based on WebGL and X3DOM, providing content developers with an easy and flexible declarative way of sharing and visualizing volumetric content over the Web.

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