04.11.2009 - 31.03.2011

The main goal of MobiAR is the development of a tourist information platform based on Augmented Reality (AR) technologies, which offers information services that users can consume using their own mobile devices, without needing any other external hardware. The platform includes a mobile application for Android devices, a user and content management server, a 3D visualization engine and an image recognition module.

The MobiAR mobile application has been developed for Android devices, which incorporate a GPS antenna, accelerometers and a digital compass.

The 3D visualisation engine – based on OpenGL ES – is able to display images, 3D texts and objects. It also allows to select objects on the screen and to show 3D animated menus, as well as to animate 2D/3D multimedia content.

The user and content management is performed by a server. This server handles the information requests which the mobile client sends in terms of location-based data and user preferences. The location system based on image recognition techniques, receives images captured by the mobile and returns the estimated user position. As a result, the system improves its precision.

MobiAR allows the user to discover his or her environment through several signs that facilitate the interaction of the augmented reality-based information. The user can click on a particular point of interest to access detailed information about it, as well as multimedia content including images, video, text, audio and 3D models.

The city of San Sebastian has been selected as the validation scenario, where users will be able to have a contextual experience. They will be able to define their user preferences regarding the type of content and the maximum distance between the user and the resources to be selected. 20 points of interest have been selected including accommodation, gastronomic sites, monuments and places of general interest. Moreover, users will be able to read the information in different languages and to try the 3D interaction component.

More info at: http://mobiar.tid.es/


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