Simulator of emergency management and response



01.01.2008 - 20.05.2011

Emergencies are risky situations where rapid action is essential to avoid or minimize the impact of the consequences. In all the emergencies, it is necessary to coordinate different entities, in a fast, agile and efficient way. Moreover, every emergency is different and requires specific actions.

There are masters courses about emergency management, but this kind of training is complex and not fulfilling all the possible scenarios.

The main objective of the project SIGEM is the development of a simulator for the management of emergency situations, like fires and chemical leaks, which will provide practical training for these situations, supplementing existing theoretical content and the limitations of the practical training.

To achieve the objective, the mathematical models of the behavior of how fires spread (both forest and urban) must be implemented, taking into account the physical variables (wind, terrain, humidity, etc.) involved in the processes, and how the chemical stains spread on the open waters. The virtual simulator will be used in the control center and in the advanced command post, including the possibility to manage how the special vehicles (helicopters, fire-fighting units, special ships containers ...) are managed.

Functional prototypes will be developed integrating the realistic graphics needed to provide a high quality graphical simulations along with the implementation of mathematical models for simulation of the natural phenomena.


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