Method and system for quantifying greenhouse gases emissions produced ina wastewater treatment plant and mechod of multivariable control for optimizing the operation of such plants

Referencia: EP3333802

Fecha de concesión: 12.09.2016

The present invention attempts to cope with the need mentioned above by means of a method and system for quantifying greenhouse gases GHG emissions in wastewater treatment plants (WWTP). A method of multivaribale control for optimizing the operation of a WWTP is also provided, based on the analysis of the main qualitative and quantitative measures of the WWTP, including the quantitative measurement of greenhouse gases (GHG) emitted directly into the atmosphere as a result of the biological processes of biodegradation that take place in the WWTP. The method and system provide real-time response. In the context of the present invention, the term "real-time" refers to tasks whose solving requires a response time in the order or milliseconds, for example in less than 1 second.


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