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Digitally assisted compensation of misalignments in die cutting of cardboard

Hugo Álvarez Ponga Ignacio Martín García Antonio Gordillo Hidalgo

A first aspect of the invention relates to a system for compensating misalignments of a die for cutting cardboard of a die cutter, comprising: a processor configures to detect heightcorrecting elements in an image of a correction template for the ...

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Method for detecting the point of impact of a ball in sport events

Igor García Olaizola Julián Flórez Esnal Naiara Aginako Bengoa

The object of the present invention is to provide a system and method which enables the detection of the point of impact of a ball in the proximity of the lines delimiting the playing ground or in the line itself in real time and preventing techni...

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Method of detection and recognition of logos in a video stream

Naiara Aginako Bengoa Igor García Olaizola

The present invention relates to a method of detection and recognition of logos in a video data stream comprising the steps of sampling (1) frames of said video data stream; segmenting (3) regular shapes such as, for example, circles, ellipses and...

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Method, device and computer program code means for voice conversion

Arantza del Pozo Echezarreta

A method of converting a source speaker’s speech signal into a converted voice signal, which comprises the steps of: a stage of training, in which: given a training database of parallel source and target data, for each pitch period of said train...

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Method, system and computer program product ofr eye gaze direction estimation

Luis Unzueta Irurtia Jon Goenetxea Imaz Unai Elordi Hidalgo Oihana Otaegui Madurga

The computer-implemented method for eye gaze direction estimation described in the present disclosure intends to solve the shortcomings of prior-art methods. The method of the present disclosure can effectively extend its applicability to dif...

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Method for providing descriptors of 3D geometries

Iñigo Barandiaran Martirena Ignacio Martín García Gorka Marcos Ortego Miguel Serrano Almuiña

A first aspect of the present invention relates to a computer-implemented method for providing one or more descriptors of a 3D geometry, the method comprising: determining a first key point in the 3D geometry; selecting a plurality of points in a ...

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Method and system for quantifying greenhouse gases emissions produced ina wastewater treatment plant and mechod of multivariable control for optimizing the operation of such plants

Mikel Maiza Galparsoro

The present invention attempts to cope with the need mentioned above by means of a method and system for quantifying greenhouse gases GHG emissions in wastewater treatment plants (WWTP). A method of multivaribale control for optimizing the operati...

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Method and system for describing an image

Igor García Olaizola Naiara Aginako Bengoa Iñigo Barandiaran Martirena Marco Quartulli Julián Flórez Esnal

It is an object of the present invention to provide a method and system capable of efficiently describing an image from local features. 

According to an aspect of the present invention, there is provided a method for describing an i...

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