Egilea: John Edgar Congote

Zuzendariak: Jorge Posada Velásquez (Vicomtech) Oscar Ruiz (Unibertsitatea)

Unibertsitatea: Universidad EAFIT

Data: 07.06.2013

Lekua: Medellín, Colombia

This doctoral work contributes in several major aspects. (1) Extraction of geometrical and topological information of 1- and 2-manifolds present in static and video imaging. This endeavor includes several variants of Marching Cubes algorithm, including enhanced precision iso-surfaces for non-negative scalr fields. (2) Hybrid visualization of scalar and vector fields, along with simplex geometry and topology, underlying in medical, geo-sciences and entertainment data. (3) Optimization of parallel visualization algorithms and usage of texture - optimized hardware as a means of efficient scientific comptutaion and visualiztion. (4) Definition of WEB ISO-standards for interactive homogeneous visualiztion of simplex, scalar and vector field data in mobile devices (smart cell phones, pads, tablets, etc.). (5) A novel technique for volume rendering in low-level mobile devices, along with practical, feasible solutions for overcoming current architecture limitations. This doctoral work has been thoroughly screened by the international academic community in the scenario of a vigorous publication activity of the doctoral team, scrutinized by world top experts in the relevant fields.


Gipuzkoako Zientzia eta Teknologia Parkea,
Mikeletegi Pasealekua 57,
20009 Donostia / San Sebastián (Espainia)

+(34) 943 309 230

Ensanche eraikina,
Zabalgune Plaza 11,
48009 Bilbo (Espainia)

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