Engineer – DevOps and IA infrastructure maintenance

Engineer – DevOps and IA infrastructure maintenance

Vicomtech ( is an Applied Research Centre -privately held- specialised in Computer Graphics, Visual Computing, Interaction, Communications and Multimedia, located in Donostia – San Sebastián (Spain). With 6 technical departments and over 115 researchers –including 45 PhDs- and over 70 scientific publications per year, Vicomtech promotes the use of the latest state-of-the-art technologies in applications that support the cycle of innovation in companies and institutions of our environment, including those from the healthcare and biotechnological sectors. With a strong focus on applied research for industrial problems, approximately 50% of the centre’s activity is done by contract, 20-25% on European projects –such as Horizon 2020- and 30% from national and local grants, obtained mostly from competitive calls.

We are looking for motivated candidates with demonstrated experience on iT and Cloud ecosystem management, to be part of the team dealing with the set-up, configuration, maintenance, upgrade and monitoring of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) infrastructure, which includes local clusters of machines with latest GPU technology, and other environments for testing, inference, CI/CD and general DevOps. Additional goals are the usage of emerging technologies, evolution of the platform and support for the researchers and data scientists.

Candidates must show a proactive attitude for problem solving, excellent information technologies (IT) capabilities, proved teamwork capacity and commitment to understand the needs of the colleagues. Candidates should have also the necessary programming and systems skills, with special focus on task distribution, scalability and security. Knowledge on machine learning processes and general data processing is welcome.

The profile of the candidate is as follow:

Education:                            At least a M.Sc. degree in computer science or telecommunications.

Experience:                          We look for a versatile candidate with demonstrable experience in the following areas:

- Mandatory:

    • Experience in Linux environments (user management, scripting, service management, performance analysis and tuning)
    • Experience in networking configuration and distributed filesystems (NAS configuration, network traffic monitoring and network security)
    • Container encapsulation technologies: Docker
    • Microservices, and cluster orchestration technologies: Kubernetes
    • Knowledge of CI/CD tools: GitLab, Jenkins etc.

- Positively valued:

    • Experience with HPC architectures, GPU servers, filesystems
    • Bare-metal virtualisation solutions: Proxmox, MAAS, OpenStack
    • Deployment of Big Data Ecosystems: Spark, Hadoop, Cassandra
    • DevOps automatization tools: Ansible, Chef ...
    • Knowledge on different cloud service providers at their different service offerings (e.g. IaaS, PaaS): Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform,

Microsoft Azure

    • Knowledge on software-defined infrastructures: e.g. AWS CloudFormation,


    • MLOps and AI workflow management tools: Airflow, Kubeflow, etc.

Among considered tasks and responsibilities are:

  • Contemplate existent HW infrastructure (focus on GPU servers, fileservers and network) and needs

  • Infer HW necessities for future
  • Assist to deployment of internal HPC (collaborate with external consultant company)
  • Maintain / update and give support for internal HPC
  • Implement good practice in CI\CD and MLOps
  • Development of middleware for MLOps
  • Provide support / consultancy for deployment of MLOps for 3-rd parties, in public or private cloud / clusters

We offer

Incorporation to a dynamic, innovative and leading centre in the fields of Computer Graphics, Visual Computing and Multimedia, Data Analysis at national and European levels.

Interested candidates should send their CV –citing DevOps and IA infrastructure maintenance - to the email address

Candidates must have:


Parque Científico y Tecnológico de Gipuzkoa,
Paseo Mikeletegi 57,
20009 Donostia / San Sebastián (Spain)

+(34) 943 309 230

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