Data Intelligence in Industry

Both in the discrete manufacturing industry and in the continuous processes industry, there is a very high unexploited potential for underlying knowledge which can be obtained by applying Data Intelligence on already available data. We take historical scenarios and temporal series of high complexity (in number of variables, in sample frequency, in volume of information, in type of data, in heterogeneous sources), as well as data produced in real time, to show the domain experts patterns and trends allowing them to anticipate faults (e.g., preventative and prescriptive maintenance) or to improve their production strategies.

Data Intelligence in Industry
Energy and Data Intelligence

Energy and Data Intelligence

Energy is an important field where Data Intelligence is applied. In aspects of energy efficiency, it contributes greater understanding of the patterns, trends and relationships of the different variables affecting consumption and efficiency. Data Intelligence also has a big role to play in the monitoring of external variables, such as availability and variations in energy prices, or even in the analysis of data to optimise and improve patterns of consumption in burning issues, such as electric vehicles or the circular economy.

Sources of Unstructured Information

The analysis of unstructured information, with non-existent, unknown, incompatible, dispersed or chaotic formal structures, is a major line of work in Data Intelligence. We work in these highly challenging environments to discover those non-evident patterns and trends, such as patterns of behaviour and opinion on the internet, in smart city environments, in cybersecurity attacks, in medical and bio-health environments, etc.

Sources of Unstructured Information

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Driving Assistance System Based on Vision

Driving Assistance System Based on Vision


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