A Common Technological Approach, Different Sectors

Thanks to the current capacity for the generation, storage and transmission of Big Data, and with new Machine Learning algorithms such as Deep Learning, at Vicomtech we have successfully applied disruptive solutions in multiple sectors, such as Industry, Oil and Gas, medicine, transport, cybersecurity, energy, surveillance of critical infrastructures, services, communication and language, Internet and Media, etc.

A Common Technological Approach, Different Sectors
Machine Learning Enriches Other Key Technologies

Machine Learning Enriches Other Key Technologies

Machine Learning technologies have a direct relationship and give an enormous boost to other fundamental technologies at Vicomtech. For example, they are applied in Computer Vision for problems such as the classification of industrial defects, the prediction of dangerous situations in autonomous driving and analysis of cancer images.  They are also applied in Data Intelligence to extract valuable information and findings, such as predictions based on data from machinery and industrial production sensors. Or, for example, in Speech, Dialogue and Natural Language Processing, they allow the improvement of transcription and translation systems at previously unknown levels. Machine Learning is an enabler in multiple technologies and sectors.

A couple of examples

A couple of examples will help demonstrate the applicability of Machine Learning. We have helped a large electronics company to develop Augmented Reality stations so that their operators can assemble tens of thousands of electronic components with a system which automatically learns from a few examples. We have provided a world leader in the automotive sector with a system supported by Machine Learning for the semi-automatic annotation of huge amounts of video to prepare its autonomous driving systems. We have helped a continuous process industry predict and anticipate faults in their production, based on data from their sensors and control systems, with very significant savings. These are just a few examples among many showing the relevance and applicability of Machine Learning.

A couple of examples

Success Story

Driving Assistance System Based on Vision

Driving Assistance System Based on Vision


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