Base Technology with Multiple Applications

Our team develops procedures and technologies to generate interactive visual representations (images, models and experiences) from specific information from particular domains. Their application in specific domains is very varied and includes interactive 3D Simulation of industrial processes, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, surgical planning by Medical Imaging, Visualisation for Big Data environments, GIS Geovisualisation environments, Mobile 3D Graphics and much more.

Base Technology with Multiple Applications
Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

One of the most important lines of research in Computer Graphics is Mixed Reality, which covers matters from Virtual Reality (Immersive interactive 3D environments for purely virtual experiences) to the important field of Augmented Reality, in which the user augments his/her perception of the physical world (through sight and other senses) with virtual information. Our experts develop new technologies, work with the latest devices and facilitate the real use of VR/AR, for example in the Virtual Engineering and Computer-assisted Surgery lines.

Interactive 3D Simulation

3D simulation of complex industrial, medical processes or those from other fields which permit interactivity in real time is an important aspect of our work. We are able to interpret complex models (e.g., industrial processes in material for heat treatment or cutting, tissue regeneration processes in medicine, fire propagation models for forest fires, etc.) and to generate algorithms and procedures to simulate them in real time, thus saving considerable time for the best solutions in each sector.

Interactive 3D Simulation

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Artificial Intelligence for breast cancer treatment

Artificial Intelligence for breast cancer treatment


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