Software Developer for Medical Image Analysis and Artificial Intelligence

Imaging software developer

We are looking for candidates with demonstrated or aligned experience in the field of Software Development for Medical Image Analysis and Artificial Intelligence.

If you have demonstrated or aligned expertise in topics such as interactive imaging applications development (with emphasis on medical imaging) both in web and desktop environments, Artificial Intelligence for medical image analysis (e.g. Deep Learning), and deployment of such imaging solutions, including scalable and cloud-based approaches, you may want to join our team.

Candidates must have:

What we need:

  • Education: at least M.Sc. degree in relevant subjects. A degree in Computer Science, Telecommunication or Biomedical Engineering is preferred.
  • Experience: Experience is required in any field related to the development of (medical) image analysis solutions with artificial intelligence, with the corresponding programming abilities to implement the solutions. Relevant experience includes C++ programming with toolkits such as the Visualization Toolkit (VTK), Insight Toolkit (ITK) or Medical Image Interaction Toolkit (MITK) for desktop platforms; web-based development of medical imaging solutions (e.g. interactive imaging applications in JavaScript/Python or experience with the OHIF or Cornerstone viewers, etc); Artificial Intelligence for medical imaging (Keras, Tensorflow2, Scikit Learn…), and (scalable) deployment of imaging and AI solutions (DICOM, Nvidia Clara, AWS, Docker, MLflow, Kubernetes, Kubeflow…). 
  • Languages: High level of written and spoken English. Spanish is not mandatory, although it will be positively considered.

What we value:

  • Master: Other engineering specialties may be considered, as long as they have extensive programming experience.
  • Experience with specific projects in the medical domain and in project management will also be considered.

What we offer

You will join a dynamic, innovative and leading centre in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Visual Computing & Interaction at the international level. You will work in a multidisciplinary team within the Department of Digital Health & Biomedical Technologies. We expect you to contribute to different phases of the project development, and eventually lead your own projects. Thus, you must have a proactive attitude and assume technical leadership when needed, as well as team-oriented collaboration.

If you feel identified, please send us your CV through the form and take advantage of the possibility of sharing your future with us.


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