5G Technologies

ICTs and Media

5G-related technologies represent a great opportunity for companies in various sectors and have been one of Vicomtech's biggest commitments since 2013, anticipating the impact on development and services that this technology will provide.

About 5G

5G is the name given to the fifth generation of mobile phone networks. On the one hand, it will allow a transmission speed 1,000 times greater than that of the LTE network (known as 4G). However, its advantages and opportunities go beyond the increase in transmission speed:

  • It offers better performance in dense areas, where there are many devices accessing services at the same time, such as live events with massive influx in concerts or stadiums, or in an industrial IoT environment where there can be many connected devices and transmitting information at the same time
  • It allows connections with high mobility, providing vehicles that can reach 500 km / h of reliable and stable connectivity, or
  • It is capable of providing connections with a latency close to 10 ms, opening a range of possibilities and services in real time.
  • Technically enables the development of corporate private networks
  • The transforming revolution of 5G networks underlies the digital transformation of networks. Software and Virtualization technologies will provide networks with dynamic monitoring and programming capabilities and can apply new configurations and resources to respond quickly to a changing volume of traffic and performance needs depending on the service or group of users.

The knowledge of technology since its inception and the participation of Vicomtech in its development through various forums and alliances, has motivated Vicomtech to consolidate itself today as a key actor in the development of solutions adapted to companies.

5G technology opens up a world of possibilities and new business for companies from many different sectors.

  • Industry
  • Mobility and transport
  • Energy
  • Health
  • Broadcasting and entertainment


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