We innovate through the application of artificial intelligence techniques and visual analytics on different sources of information.

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Automatic facial recognition system for continuous authentication of users in service


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Sectorial Collaborations


Association representing the Cybersecurity Industries of the Basque Country, promotes collaboration with other sectors and fosters the development of new products/services, technologies and markets.

European Anti-Cybercrime Technology Development Association

Develop technological solutions for European Law Enforcement Agencies and Forensic Laboratories to use them in their fight against crime.


Basque Artificial Intelligence Center

The Basque Artificial Intelligence Centre was created to tackle one of the greatest technological and social challenges in our history with a public-private collaboration space for the promotion of AI in the Basque Country.

European Cyber Security Organisation

ECSO ASBL is a fully self-financed non-for-profit organisation under the Belgian law, established in June 2016. Is the private counterpart to the European Commission in implementing the contractual Public-Private Partnership on cybersecurity.

Basque Digital Innovation Hub

Connected network of advanced manufacturing assets and services Infrastructure for training, research, testing and validation available for companies.

Basque Cybersecurity Centre

is a connected network of advanced manufacturing assets and services Infrastructure for training, research, testing and validation available for companies, with the capacity to offer knowledge and concrete services in different areas such as Additive M


The Spanish Association of Automotive Suppliers has the aim of acting as a spokesperson for the sector, a leading contact and meeting and networking point for all types of member countries.


The Association of Electronic Technologies and Information Industries of the Basque Country, comprising more than 200 companies offering products and services in the fields of electronics, information technology and telecommunications.


We are part of the managing assembly of the R&D&i unit of AMETIC, the Association of Electronic, Information technology, Telecommunications and Digital Content Businesses, with more than 5,000 member companies.

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