NDT Technologies: Current state and short-term perspectives. 10th November in San Sebastian


IK4 will introduce to Basque companies the latest technological advances in non-destructive testing next 10th November at CEIT-IK4 premises in Ibaeta. Vicomtech will participate in this session with “Reconstruction and high speed 3D analysis methods for dimensional inspection in manufacture sets”.


To state success cases and to talk about the necessary technologies to guarantee the suitability of the products’ quality parameters and their implementation within companies.

In a world in which there is a bigger and bigger necessity in adapting to the clients’ changeable and diverse requirements, NDT is a basic tool that will help us reduce risks, increase production efficiency, and reply in a fast and secure way to these requirements.

About NDT

Industrial necessities are getting more and more demanding in terms of personalisation of produced products, quality and traceability of products, reduction of costs and manufacturing terms. In this sense, the “Zero Defect Manufacturing” concept prevails and it is one of the lines included in what is called “advances manufacturing”.

The scope of Non-Destructive Testing is evolving rapidly: new technologies are added every day (and the ones already in use develop new capacities and applications).

Being able to make sure a product fulfils all of the client’s requirements, in a reliable and evident way, and, if it were necessary, continuously and in real time individually for the whole production, means the avoidance of sacrificing the sample and what this involves: having to wait for the result of an analysis that validates the quality of an element or batch, or going through the manufacturing process at the risk that the sample points out the existence of a defect and having to turn down the batch. Apart from money and time saving, the implementation of NDT means prestige with the client, since delivery and return of defective materials is avoided.

Free of charge. Further information and registration.


Parque Científico y Tecnológico de Gipuzkoa,
Paseo Mikeletegi 57,
20009 Donostia / San Sebastián (Spain)

+(34) 943 309 230

Zorrotzaurreko Erribera 2, Deusto,
48014 Bilbao (Spain)

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