The Basque Government makes available to all citizens the Neuronal Automatic Translator


The Councilors of Public Governance and Self-Government, Josu Erkoreka and Culture and Language Policy, Bingen Zupiria have presented this innovative tool. They have pointed out that thanks to the translation memories collected over the years, the system offers high quality translations.

The Councilors of Public Governance and Self-Government, Josu Erkoreka and Culture and Language Policy, Bingen Zupiria, have presented the Neuronal Automatic Translator, the first practical project of the Basque Government for citizen use and based on Vicomtech's Artificial Intelligence technologies. In a press conference held in Donostia / San Sebastián, they explained that this innovative tool performs high quality translations from both Spanish to Basque and from Basque to Spanish. This new translator is available to all citizens at

The Neuronal Automatic Translator is the result of research work on natural language treatment technologies and has been implemented using translation memories compiled by the IVAP, the Basque Institute of Public Administration, for 20 years. There are databases with more than 10 million segments, translated, revised and updated, which constitutes a corpus of systematic translation of incalculable value. To this, Vicomtech Artificial Intelligence technologies have been applied, which has resulted in a translator with a very high level of quality.

As for the automatic translation, it represents a great qualitative leap with respect to the systems used so far based on grammatical analysis and transfer, statistical or hybrid systems. As Zupiria explained, these translators mimic the functioning of the human brain, so they need training to learn. “Translations based on grammar and analysis, even if they are correct, have an artificial aspect. The translations obtained through the neural networks are easy to read because they have coherence and better maintain the connection between the elements within the phrase” he added.


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