MIDAS completes its trajectory as a research and development project by setting up the Open Source Foundation


The European MIDAS (Meaningful Integration of Data Analytics and Services) project, whose objective was to support the needs of public health decision-makers by deploying a unified big data platform, has completed its trajectory as a research and development project.

Vicomtech's main purpose was to identify the relevant sets and to prepare and load these data sets in the MIDAS platform. In order to achieve this, we developed and matured a data preparation tool called GYDRA (Get Your Data Ready for Analysis!) that allows the user to explore large data sets, pre-process them and automatically deploy these sets in the analysis platform.

The project has therefore developed this platform and a methodology for acquiring, mapping, managing, processing and exploiting heterogeneous data to support decision making and has been piloted in four Health systems, each with its own socio-health policy as a target (Finland - Mental Health and Drug Abuse in Young People, Republic of Ireland - Diabetes, Northern Ireland - Children in a Situation of Unprotected Childhood, and Euskadi - Childhood Obesity successively).

The MIDAS consortium is currently finalising the configuration of the Open Source Foundation which will seek to manage and mature the assets developed during the project. Likewise, the consortium is analysing, evaluating and adapting tools developed in the MIDAS project in other public health fields such as the recent COVID-19 pandemic.


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