Vicomtech participates in the development of SERWES, a technological platform of support services for residences


In collaboration with Grupo Init, DomusVi, Irontec and ALCAD we are developing the SERWES project, a platform to support services for residents and nursing home staff.

It is a technological platform that integrates different support services for residents and that allows the joint exploitation of all the information collected to provide high added value services such as automatic monitoring of residents, the detection of anomalous or risky behaviors in real time, and the prediction of decompensations or physical / cognitive deterioration.

Due to the general aging of the population, it is necessary to look for new formulas that guarantee the maintenance of long-term care for the elderly.

It is a search for comprehensive and intelligent solutions that improve the quality of life of residents and their families, facilitate the daily work carried out by nursing home professionals and contribute to the sustainability of residential centers and the provision of general care.

In addition, during the last decades, in the residential field, the use of technology has been scarce, beyond the administrative management of the residence itself, and it is prepared to receive, absorb and apply technology that has been developed for nearby areas.

The vision of SERWES focuses on facilitating the care of residents and the daily management of the residence itself by developing different services and intelligent tools capturing information from users in different areas of action (such as location, health, etc.) through a variety of types of smart devices and systems (wearables, cameras, etc.) and grouping and exploiting all the information collected through artificial intelligence technology.

Main services of the platform

The 4 main services that are integrated into the platform are: a resident locator service, a health monitoring service, a property control service and a dangerous event detection service.

All information is collected on a common platform that non-obstructively monitors residents, detects dangerous situations and abnormal behavior patterns that trigger alerts, and thus predict future decompensation and physical or cognitive deterioration in order to take action in the future. time they are necessary.

Iván Macía, Director of Digital Health and Biomedical Technologies at Vicomtech highlights “Through this initiative a great process of digital transformation has been undertaken that will undoubtedly boost health and well-being in residences. It is a great satisfaction for Vicomtech to provide state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence technologies to reinforce the care and care processes of residents. "

Javier Escobal, Director of Innovation at Grupo Init, has pointed out that “being part of the SERWES project gives us the opportunity to move towards a new scenario and accompany centers and residences with quality services that allow systematizing the monitoring and evolution of residents in an agile, digitized and automated way, facilitate the work of the nursing home staff and improve communication with family members ”.

The SERWES project (a project co-financed by the Hazitek program of the Basque Government) is a novel product in the field of geriatrics. A management model that involves the resident and her family and that facilitates better coordination between the social system and the health system.

Thanks to SERWES, it will be possible to optimize the work time of professionals by having a tool that allows many patients to be monitored at the same time, which results in a reduction in healthcare costs, sustainability of healthcare systems and personalization of care for patients. old people.

All this situation will help to reduce the risk situations of geriatric patients in residences, thus creating safer residences.



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