Innovation in logistics and ports through 5G technologies as a key to a sustainable future


5G LOGINNOV, is a European project that seeks to solve the challenge of ensuring an efficient, sustainable, and desaturated management of port areas and city-ports.

Among the objectives of this project is: to minimise the environmental impact of ports, reduce congestion around the port area and disturbance to the city, represent a pillar of economic development and business innovation for the region and facilitate the integration of the autonomous truck platoons of the future.

The vision of the 5G-LOGINNOV project is to design an innovative framework addressing integration and validation of Connected Automated Driving/Mobility (CAD/CAM) technologies related to the industry 4.0 and port domains by creating new opportunities for LOGistics value chain INNOVation.

Thanks to the new advanced capabilities of 5G relating to wireless connectivity and core network agility, 5G-LOGINNOV ports will not only significantly optimize their operations but also minimize their environmental footprint to the city and the disturbance to the local population.

Until now, Vicomtech has worked together with Luka Koper (port of Slovenia), ININ and Telekom Slovenia in defining the specifications of the use cases to be carried out. Specifically, Vicomtech is providing the artificial vision algorithms for the detection and classification of the possible damages in the containers received in the port. On the other hand, it is including presence detection algorithms in risk areas where passage is not authorized.

The first tasks carried out have been focused on defining the exact locations and specifications of the cameras that will be placed on the STS cranes of the port. An extensive dataset is also being generated for the training stage of Deep Learning models for the specific environment where they will be applied.

It is expected to have a first setup installed by the end of the year to obtain the first results in the field. Finally, in May, the first Technical Review Meeting of the project was held and positive reactions were received from the European Commission.


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