The 3rd of December "International Day of the Basque Language" is coming and from Vicomtech, as in previous years, we would like to inform you about the initiatives in which we will take part.

To start with, this week, from the 29th of November to the 5th of December, we will promote the Basque language in our relationships with the proposal, Baietz Vicomtech-en euskaraz! This exercise consists of putting the following behaviours into practice in Vicomtech:
- Start conversations in Basque. The first word with strangers and acquaintances who understand Basque should be in Basque.
- In cases where colleagues know Basque, speak in Basque.
- Maintain Basque when the interlocutor understands it, even if he/she does not speak it.

Moreover, within the game/application Egunean Behin, Vicomtech has a group formed among the workers where we challenge each other to obtain the best classification. It is a trivia game in Basque where every day you have to answer 10 questions about different subjects: literature, characters, sport, mathematics... in one minute.

At Vicomtech we promote initiatives to promote the Basque language. It is part of our social commitment to take care of our environment, our culture and our language. We help to protect our roots by trying to promote the use of Basque in our daily life, and we spread the language to the whole society through technology.



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