Vicomtech leads ADAPT-IA, a project aimed at the research and development of Artificial Intelligence applied to Language Technologies in Basque


Without any doubt, advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its increasingly easy access and democratisation are becoming a determining factor in the digitisation of industry and in the development of the economic and social sector.

In this context, it is undeniable that Artificial Intelligence is experiencing a favourable period of growth. This constant increase in the generative capacity of the AI systems of important technological companies is clear, with examples such as ChatGPT, DALL-E 3, or LLaMA-3, among others, which are mainly based on Language Technologies.

However, the performance and quality acquired and associated with these neural models trained with large amounts of data is reduced when it comes to applying them to other domains or minority languages such as Basque.

And it is within this framework of reality that ADAPT-IA is born, where Adaptive AI, together with Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) techniques acquire their full meaning and potential.

ADAPT-IA, development of Adaptive AI and MLOps technologies applied to Language Technologies in Basque.

Led by Vicomtech, the main objective of the project is to enhance and naturalise the integration of Adaptive AI and Machine Learning Operations techniques in the industrial processes of different Basque sectors, exploring methodologies that optimise their maintenance, adaptation and continuous deployment of neural models in production. All this combining both the opportunities offered by the potential of AI and the creativity and knowledge that the human mind possesses.

Three main lines of research are worked on, among which are the generation, compilation and standardisation of data by industrial sector; Adaptive AI technologies and methodologies and MLOps (Machine Learning Operations), and finally AI Modelling of Language Technologies (TL).

In addition, some of the potential applications of the project include, for example, the extraction and structuring of information (reports, calls, emails, etc.) to improve internal organisation and with the client; the generation of new multilingual content (technical manuals, documentation, resources, videos, etc.); or the improvement of the provision of assembly, inspection and maintenance services for installations.

ADAPT-IA enables a qualitative leap in the development of Adaptive AI paradigms in Language Technologies in Basque enhanced with Machine Learning Operations practices, significantly improving the current processes of data curation and structuring in Basque industrial companies.

Vicomtech, coordinator of the ADAPT-IA project

Besides coordinating the project, Vicomtech is leading the research work related to data generation and compilation by the consortium partners related to the generation and compilation of the data by the partners of the consortium, formed by UPV/EHU; INVEMA within the AFM cluster (Spanish Association of Machine Tool, Accessories, Components and Tools Manufacturers), the Spanish Railway Industry Association, AIC-Automotive Intelligence Center, and the Terminology and Lexicography Centre UZEI.

With this project, Vicomtech continues to maintain its commitment to the continuous improvement of the competitiveness of the companies in its environment in terms of Research, Development and Innovation. Thus, ADAPT-IA is totally aligned with the strategic bet and the R&D commitment that the center maintains in its activity, advancing in the field of Artificial Intelligence technologies, such as, in this case, the Speech and Natural Language Processing in Basque.


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