One more year, Vicomtech collaborates with Fundación Adecco, this time in the framework of the campaign


Fourteen young people with disabilities, fourteen people who are part of Z Generation who study, work and defend diversity and inclusion. Fourteen inspiring stories collected in the 2024 Calendar of Fundación Adecco, an initiative based on the framework of its founding mission #EmpleoParaTodaslasPersonas, in which Vicomtech participates once again this year.

This is a special occasion, as Fundación Adecco is celebrating 25 years working for the inclusion of people with disabilities in the workplace and raising awareness of the importance of equal opportunities.

This year's slogan, "Leave the stories behind, get to know disability" compiles the stories of fourteen young people from Z Generation who have come together to promote the end of the prejudices that society and certain companies may have towards the inclusion of the most vulnerable people.

And the fact is that young people with disabilities show us that the value that employment acquires for them is fundamental, meaning an essential part of their vital purpose and self-improvement, as well as a cornerstone in the normalisation of their lives and the achievement of individual goals. These are people who fight every day for a more inclusive world, a society that is increasingly open to embrace diversity.  

Vicomtech has been collaborating with Fundación Adecco for more than 10 years. Supporting these initiatives also supports the values that guide the centre's activity: respect, inclusion and commitment to people.


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