SHAPES, the European project that brings together 15 countries providing digital solutions for active and healthy ageing, comes to an end.


It is a reality that population ageing has become one of the most significant challenges of the 21st century with profound repercussions in social, economic and health terms. As life expectancy increases and the proportion of older people grows worldwide, there is a need to address this phenomenon from multiple perspectives to ensure active, healthy ageing and quality of life.

In this context, SHAPES (Smart & Healthy Ageing through People Engaging in Supportive Systems) has been developed, a European project created to facilitate active and healthy ageing in the long term, seeking to improve the quality of life of older people. The main objective of the project has been to create an environment that facilitates the large-scale implementation of various digital solutions aimed at promoting the quality of life of older people. SHAPES develops an interoperable platform that unifies digital solutions and collects and analyses data on the health, environment and lifestyle of older people, identifying their individual requirements and providing personalised solutions for each user.

With SHAPES, Vicomtech continues its commitment to the digital transformation of the health and people sector.

Vicomtech has participated in several of the digital solutions developed throughout the project, contributing its expertise in the field of robotics, conversational assistants, clinical outcome support systems and multimodal biometrics and facial and emotion recognition technologies. Thanks to the centre's expertise in Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Big Data systems and Artificial Intelligence, Vicomtech has contributed to the development of the digital solutions by integrating its technology as part of the SHAPES project ecosystem.

In this line, Vicomtech has been contributing to the digital transformation of the healthcare sector for years, applying technological solutions to improve patients and their quality of life. And it is in this context where the centre has recently incorporated a new package of solutions: "DigiHEALTH", which consists of a library of digital solutions aimed at active and healthy ageing of the elderly.

In this way, together with various companies in the sector, academia, governments, and end users, Vicomtech has followed a thoughtful approach and developed various digital solutions that minimise digital barriers, facilitate an active and healthy life, and mitigate specific health deficiencies.

The SHAPES project is part of the objectives of this new package of solutions offered by the centre, and once again contributes to Vicomtech's commitment to the transfer of technology to society, and in this case, to the health sector.

A total of 36 entities from 15 countries have participated in the SHAPES project, in addition to the collaboration of 2,000 elderly people from all the countries involved, who, thanks to their knowledge, have contributed to making the project a real advance and success in improving the quality of life of the elderly and their environment.


"SHAPES is an initiative funded under the "Health, Demographic Change & Wellbeing" work programme of the European Commission, specifically under the "Smart & Healthy living at home" call with id DT-TDS-01-2019 and has an EU funding of 18,732,468.25 euros."


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