Vicomtech presents Aware2All and AIthena projects at Transport Research Arena (TRA) in Dublin


TRA, the Transport Research Arena, is the largest transport and mobility research and technology conference and is Europe's leading transport event covering all modes of transport and mobility. As such, the conference takes on a representative theme each year, with this year's 2024 conference being "Transport Transitions: Advancing Sustainable and Inclusive Mobility".

Vicomtech attended the European Commission's stand, where it had the opportunity to present and demonstrate two of its main ongoing mobility projects: AIthena and Aware2All.

AIthena, in charge of reliable AI for the benefit of society.

On the one hand, the AIthena project lays the foundations for reliable AI for the benefit of society. The team focuses on contributing to the development of explainable AI (XAI) through research on data, models and tests. It aims to formulate a human-centred methodology and propose key performance indicators for XAI.

AIthena's exhibition at TRA Dublin highlights the significance of data privacy tools to maximise the use of data in AI training and validation. The aim is to demonstrate advanced privacy protection mechanisms in the form of image processing algorithms that detect the presence of people in images and replace them with imaginary people generated by AI.

Aware2All, safety system and HMI interface in future scenarios of automated vehicles

On the other hand, the Aware2All project, the Aware2All project focuses on the development of interconnected safety systems and human-machine interfaces (HMI) to ensure safe operation in future scenarios dominated by automated vehicles.

In this case, the Aware2All exhibit consisted of a high desk with a small steering wheel, allowing participants to sit and be monitored by a front and side camera. One of the highlights of the exhibition has been that Aware2All integrates this information into a single system, providing a complete overview of the interior situational awareness and ensuring safety in future automated vehicles.

The conference was a great opportunity for Vicomtech to be seen, as well as the perfect occasion for the demonstration of the centre's capabilities for the development of innovative projects, which in this case were mainly focused on mobility and transport.


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