DIGITAL TWIN CHS, a project that develops support solutions for water management in the Segura River Basin, has been completed.


The impact that certain climatic events can have on natural spaces can become a problem if prediction and analysis of possible scenarios likely to occur are not carried out, as well as optimisation of the planning of the distribution of the resources available at any given time.


Aim of the project: to develop a platform for planning available resources in the Segura basin through AI.

Therefore, in order not to slow down water management in the basin, GEMELO DIGITAL CHS is born, a project whose main objective is to optimise the planning of the distribution of available water resources at all times in the Segura Basin (Murcia) to meet the corresponding water demands (urban demand, environmental demand, agricultural demand, industrial demand, industrial demand, etc.), environmental demand, agricultural demand, industrial demand and tourist demand), complying with the historical rights of farmers, the priorities of water uses, ecological flows and the rules of operation of water infrastructures.

In this way, planners will be able to carry out, by simulation, the analysis of the various planning scenarios, assigning each optimisation criterion a corresponding weight (importance/priority), based on their knowledge and experience, and thus have a platform with predictive capacity of the water status of the basin in the medium and long term. In this way, future scenarios would be analysed to prevent and anticipate possible natural disasters that could affect the basin and other derived consequences. 


Technical-technological challenge: developing a platform based on AI for the daily management of the Basin.

On the one hand, the main technological challenges consist of integrating into the platform to be developed the various sources of data and information with which the Confederación Hidrográfica del Segura works, and the new predictive models to be developed and integrating this platform into the CHS's IT infrastructures, with its user management system, and with the CHS's cybersecurity policies.

On the other hand, the main technical challenge consists of applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques to existing data, building new predictive models based on AI and their continuous integration into the platform to be developed, in order to improve the daily management of the basin. An additional important technical-technological challenge to be highlighted is to develop an integrated platform for water management that can be easily transferred to other basins.


Vicomtech's role: application of the latest Artificial Intelligence technologies

Together with a consortium composed by GRUSAMAR (project leader), DHI and METEOBIT, Vicomtech has been part of the team that has developed the DIGITAL TWIN CHS project.

Vicomtech has contributed with the technical-technological innovation of the project, applying the latest Artificial Intelligence technologies for the development of solutions in the field of IT systems to support decision making in water management in the CHS, being model development, web application development, containerisation, continuous integration and open source deployment, the ones used throughout the development of the project.


This project is part of the pre-commercial public procurement contract launched by the CDTI with FEDER 2014-2020 funds, under the title "Development of solutions in the field of WATER MANAGEMENT DECISION-MAKING SUPPORT COMPUTER SYSTEMS".



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