Eroski and Batura Mobile Solutions collaborate with Vicomtech on EROSKVIA, a project that develops a platform integrated into the social network Whatsapp to improve the tourist service


As a result of the global health crisis and new regulations and/or restrictions, the last few years have been accompanied by many changes within the tourism sector. This has made it more difficult for travel agencies and especially for travel advisors to access the latest information available both internally and externally to enable them to provide their clients with quick and quality answers.

The back-office work of an advisor depends on multiple information needs. The selection of the product or service that best suits the client involves a search for the different providers that offer them and the composition of the final price to be delivered to the client often depends on the application of promotions or active campaigns; process that is not automated. In addition, the information and updating of the products offered and the condition of the same is constant and changing.

The aim is to make all this knowledge and information accessible to travel organisations in the most efficient way possible and to avoid any room for error. The problem does not lie in storing this information, but in accessing it more dynamically and quickly without having to do it manually by re-reading all the documents.


Aim of the project

Through EROSKVIA, Eroski, Batura Mobile Solutions and Vicomtech intend to undertake the research and development of an innovative “backoffice” information platform integrated into the social network Whatsapp, aimed at improving the information service to the customer.

In this line, what is proposed as a solution is to bring the knowledge of the portals of storing information and knowledge to the Whatsapp channel, taking advantage of the technologies of conversational assistants or chatbot.

What will the project achieve? On the one hand, the work of the travel advisors will be improved and their ability to provide specific, high-quality answers in a short time; on the other hand, the client will receive an improved service that includes innovative systems that improve the state-of-the-art of the industry.


Technologies used

The following technologies will be used throughout the project:

1) Development of conversational assistants or chatbots with machine learning capabilities that allow continuous and uninterrupted improvement of your answers.

2) Development of conversational assistants that integrate question-and-answer systems based on document processing in different formats to enhance their functions.

3) Design and integration of the new platform into the social network Whatsapp.


Vicomtech’s role

Vicomtech's role in the project is based on the development of conversational assistants or chatbots with machine learning capabilities and integration with question-and-answer systems on sources of information and documentary knowledge.



The consortium consists of Viajes Eroski, Batura Mobile Solutions and Vicomtech


The project has been funded by the Basque Government within the framework of the Hazitek programme.




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