Excellent results of the Speech Technologies group of Vicomtech, once again in the Alabyzín Challenge – RTVE


The challenge brought the participation of 4 national and international teams and consisted of automatically transcribing 54 hours of television content in Spanish within a total of 21 programs broadcast on various themes, genres, and complexities.

Vicomtech presented 4 neural transcription systems based on different approaches and architectures and achieved the best result with the lowest error rate in individual systems. It also had the second best overall result with his individual system, with only 4 tenths lower accuracy than the best which was formed by the fusion of 6 individual systems.

Having individual systems of this quality will allow Vicomtech to deploy these systems much more easily in real production environments. In addition, the best individual system of Vicomtech obtained the best result in 16 out of 21 television programs. Undoubtedly, a great result that once again demonstrates the excellent performance of Vicomtech's automatic transcription systems compared to other systems on the market and in the scientific field.


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