Mision Gates, the technological solution designed by Vicomtech to optimise the local logistics management of the company Eroski.


Within the value chain associated with suppliers or company logistics, it could happen that certain avoidable waste is generated, which could mitigate the productivity and efficiency of the company's own ecosystem.

In this context, the Mision Gates project aims to eliminate this waste by providing quality, efficiency and collaboration with an optimal business information model developed by Vicomtech, working hand in hand with the Eroski Group. Thus, Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence Technologies are used to create a platform that allows logistics data to be entered by voice, developing a technological solution that centralises, integrates and provides visibility to the logistics information of the Eroski company.

Mision Gates will transform the experience of its stakeholders, by taking satisfaction to the highest level in terms of the range process management, reducing process times and time to market. In addition, as it is a constantly changing system, it is intended to enable the foundations of a scenario for future solutions, from the commercial system to the business needs themselves.

The tool being developed consists of a voice assistant that allows Eroski's suppliers to intuitively enter the necessary data to register their reference in the Eroski Group's systems, as well as an application that can be used in any of the supplier's installations. This will improve the process of capturing information from them, as well as having an impact on the company's own digital image, by making use of an agile and efficient system.

Through AI and Natural Language Technologies Vicomtech develops a conversational assistant

Using Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language technologies, Vicomtech provides the design, development and validation of a conversational assistant that will allow Eroski's suppliers to register the information quickly and intuitively about the products they wish to sell.

Likewise, the interaction with the assistant will be able to be carried out in the different co-official languages of the country and will accept variable terminology, thus achieving a wide scope and integration between the different suppliers in the territory.



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