The Spanish Gaia-X hub identifies more than 20 use cases of shared data spaces in the Spanish industry.


Together with AMETIC, UPM and Tecnalia, Vicomtech participated in the meeting, following the working methodology provided by T-Systems Iberia. The Industry 4.0 working group of the Spanish Gaia-X hub has identified in its first workshop more than 20 use cases for the application of data and artificial intelligence in industry that can benefit from the paradigms of shared data spaces.

Today, companies are generating and managing an increasing volume of data. However, the utilization by companies is still low, largely due to the lack of adequate structures to share and exploit this data, as well as the lack of knowledge of the different methodologies for its treatment. The specification of cases for their application will facilitate the adoption of these technologies by companies and their implementation will lead to the transformation of the Spanish economy to increase its competitiveness.

Thus, of the cases identified, the different working rooms of the Spanish hub selected six to study in depth. The cases were chosen relating to intelligent reuse and recycling, predictive maintenance, data exchange on assets during their useful life, end-to-end real-time supply chain visibility platforms and two cases relating to intelligent demand prediction.

Its widespread application in the industrial sector will undoubtedly provide a major boost to the transformation of the sector and, therefore, of the Spanish economy.

Gaia-X is a private European initiative for the creation of a federated and open data infrastructure. It is an industry contribution to European digital autonomy in cloud computing and storage, offering a secure alternative for data producers to control access to and reuse of data. Vicomtech is a founding partner of this initiative.


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