Vicomtech collaborates in the DEITU project, the platform for recording information of spoken interactions in telephone and spontaneous environments


The advance of artificial intelligence and process automation in recent years is undeniable. Within this paradigm, data is considered “the new oil”, as it is what makes these AI and automation systems work. In this vein, the DEITU project plans to exploit the most natural and human data available: speech. Obtaining information from this mode of communication is essential to be able to apply data-based mechanisms in the daily operations of several companies. This is the case presented by GSR and SareTeknika in the context of DEITU.


Aim of the project

The main goal of the DEITU project is the development of an easy-to-maintain platform for recording information in spoken interactions in telephone and spontaneous environments. In order to achieve this objective, the following intermediate milestones are to be achieved:

• Robust speech recognition modules in telephone and spontaneous speech environments

• Mechanisms of information extraction using models of Natural Language Understanding and Virtual Assistants

• Development of mechanisms to facilitate maintenance


Technologies used in the project

On the one hand, spontaneous telephone audio recognition has been carried out through the adjustment of transcription and acoustic adaptation models, in addition to the use of natural language comprehension mechanisms for the detection, extraction and disambiguation of semi-structured information. Finally, it has been adapted to a heterogeneous data environment and defined the metrics and data search mechanisms with a greater input of information, which is what was posed in the technical challenge.


Role of Vicomtech

Vicomtech has made it possible to carry out technical tasks with the greatest technological challenge as it is a cutting-edge center specialized in artificial intelligence and, in this case, in linguistic technologies.


Partners in the project

On the one hand, the project is led by GSR, which will contribute its knowledge in the domain of user care in the social and health field, followed by SARETEKNIK, which will contribute its knowledge in the domain of technical services for household appliances and air conditioning; and finally, AGT will collaborate in the development and maintenance of technical services for user care.


The project has been financed by the Basque Government within the framework of the Hazitek programme



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