Vicomtech one more year joins the Euskaraldia


Today, November 18, Euskaraldia is launched, an initiative that promotes the use of Basque for 15 days. Vicomtech, as on previous occasions, reaffirms its commitment to Basque as a promoting entity.

A significant number of people from the center have joined Euskaraldia. To this end, in addition to the traditional ahobizi and belarriprest forms of participation, the center has launched various initiatives of its own. For example, everyone has been given the option of inserting the ahobizi or belarriprest image in the email signature and suitable environments have been created for speaking Basque with colleagues.

On the other hand, in order to promote Basque in relationships between colleagues, VICOMETCH proposes the MINTZALAGUNA programme. This program is expected to start with Euskaraldia and extend beyond it. This will be an initiative to speak Basque and learn with peers once a week. People who know Basque will meet with those who are learning to boost fluency and learning for those who are learning.

In addition, as has been done in previous years, an EGUNEAN BEHIN group has been created among Vicomtech staff. Egunean Behind is a Trivial game in Basque and every day you have to answer 10 questions on different topics.

At Vicomtech, caring for our environment, our culture and our language are part of our social commitment. We contribute to protecting our roots by trying to promote the use of Basque on a day-to-day basis through technology. A clear example is the continuous improvement of our Batua translation tool, which we make available to the whole of society.


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