Vicomtech presents the mobility plan to promote the safe, efficient and sustainable staff commuting


Vicomtech has recently presented its mobility plan to all the people who belong to the center, in line with its commitment to advanced management, sustainability and current regulations.

In the plan drawn up by the Mobility Committee, the firm commitment to promoting a set of activities to achieve a safe, efficient and sustainable movement of people in the workforce to their job is made clear. Its objective is to prevent the risks derived from commuting for work reasons, both from “in itinere” journeys and those made during the working day for different reasons for the performance of each position, and to promote the change towards more sustainable ways of transportation such as cycling, public transportation, or walking.

Vicomtech's Mobility Plan is aligned with UNESCO's sustainable development goals, specifically with health and well-being, affordable and non-polluting energy, industry, innovation and infrastructure, sustainable cities and communities, and climate action. In addition, it is part of the values of commitment and respect of the center.

Vicomtech's Mobility Committee has carried out an in-depth diagnosis as a starting point for the plan. To do this, it has worked on three different axes: the diagnosis of mobility to work centers, the diagnosis of accidents and the diagnosis of travel during working hours.

This diagnosis has allowed the preparation of the plan that is specified in three main objectives with their respective actions such as the promotion of a culture of sustainable mobility, safety and sustainability in travel and the creation of a safer and more sustainable environment.

The actions of the Sustainable Mobility Plan will be reviewed annually and an objective evaluation of the degree of achievement of the implemented measures will be carried out. In this way, it will be possible to determine the degree of compliance with the established objectives in order to implement improvements in each exercise.


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