Method for detecting the point of impact of a ball in sport events

Authors: Igor García Olaizola Julián Flórez Esnal Naiara Aginako Bengoa

Reference: 2455911

Date granted: 13.03.2013

The object of the present invention is to provide a system and method which enables the detection of the point of impact of a ball in the proximity of the lines delimiting the playing ground or in the line itself in real time and preventing technical problems set forth.

To that end, the method of the invention proposes recording the contentious area during the game by means of a single camera, extracting the images corresponding to the controversial piece of play, selecting the area corresponding to the ball, calculating the coordinates of the ball in pixels in each image, plotting the points with the coordinates calculated in the previous step, determining the point of intersection of the two segments joining the previous points and finally transforming the point of intersection into real coordinates. For the calculation of the areas of interest and point of intersection of the segments, the movement and velocity vectors are preferably used. Preferably, it is all performed in a grayscale to simplify and cut down on resources.

The method has the additional advantage that the plane of the camera and the bounce plane of the ball can form any angle, since the necessary transformations for calculating the point of impact in real coordinates will be performed.


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