Method for providing descriptors of 3D geometries

Authors: Iñigo Barandiaran Martirena Ignacio Martín García Gorka Marcos Ortego Miguel Serrano Almuiña

Reference: EP3502964

Date granted: 21.12.2017

A first aspect of the present invention relates to a computer-implemented method for providing one or more descriptors of a 3D geometry, the method comprising: determining a first key point in the 3D geometry; selecting a plurality of points in a vicinity of the first key point; computing a normal of the first key point and a normal of each point of a plurality of points; computing an angle of each normal of the plurality of points with respect to the normal of the first key point; providing a first matrix comprising the angles computed; appliying a Trace Transform to the first matrix thereby providing a second matrix; and applying an FFT to the second matrix thereby providing a descriptor.

The descriptor represents or describes a region of the 3D geometry thereby making identifiable and recognizable that region and the corresponding key point (i.e. the first key point) for operations with the 3D geometry; the descriptor is a geometry descriptor. The descriptor may simplify the digital processing of the 3D geometry (or a portion thereof) in the search (or identification) and classification of the 3D geometry.


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