European Project Office - OFPEU 2023-2024



01.01.2023 - 31.12.2024

The main objective of the project is to encourage, promote and strengthen our participation in the HEU Framework Programme of the European Union, so that the project and consequently the OPE has the following objectives:

- Permanent updating and internal communication on European funding mechanisms and new lines of research, in order to promote the participation of the centre's research staff in HEU projects, both in the preparation of proposals and in the execution of HEU projects.
- Permanent updating and external communication on European funding mechanisms and new lines of research, in order to raise awareness of the Framework Programme and promote the participation of Spanish companies.
- Proactive submission of proposals in cooperation with the Area Directors.
- Identification of emerging consortia, preparing proposals in the areas of interest of the centre.
- Search for new partners for proposals in the development phase.
- Active support in the drafting and review of proposals submitted by the centre and involvement of collaborating companies in them.
- Participation in European Working Groups that improve the connectivity and visibility of the centre.
- Support in the creation of first line relationships with key European actors.
- Promotion of Vicomtech at European level as a solvent partner in the constitution of consortia.
- Analysis of the new IEPs structures that will emerge as a result of the HEU Programme, as well as the existing ones, in order to provide support and a greater presence in the European Technology Platforms in line with the centre's lines of action, after an exhaustive analysis of the centre's interests.
- To position and gain leadership in the HEU Framework Programme projects.
- Increase the rate of return achieved in 2023-2024 with respect to that obtained during the first two years of the HEU Programme.
- Encourage the participation of Spanish companies in consortia of the HEU Framework Programme, promoting the incorporation of new companies.


The project has been funded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation (MCIN) through the 2022 call for applications for Aid for the Preparation and Management of European Projects 2022 (BOE 09/04/2022), of the State Sub-programme for Internationalisation, within the framework of the State Programme for Tackling the Priorities of Our Environment, of the State Plan for Scientific, Technical and Innovation Research, 2021-2023. The aid has materialised through the action "European Projects Office - Vicomtech (OFPEU 2023-2024)" with reference number GPE2022-000989 and a subsidy of 115,232.00€. The funding received is managed by the State Research Agency (AEI).

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