IA4TES: Artificial Intelligence for Sustainable Energy Transition



The ambition of the project, over a period of 3 years, is to research into the solutions that can be provided by the different Artificial Intelligence technologies to the electricity sector.

A new paradigm is proposed for the electricity system and sector which is characterized by having a mostly renewable production, a mixture of centralized and distributed. On the other hand, it is intended to become a digitized, automated and optimized grid, capable of providing bidirectional services to all types of users. And finally, it seeks to achieve new services that facilitate the participation of users in new electricity consumption models and an optimized design of the different markets and innovative elements, such as energy storage.


Aim of the project

The general objective of the project is the development of technology and business models based on Artificial Intelligence capabilities within the framework of the necessary sustainable energy transition, both in renewable generation, distribution networks and at the customer level.


Results achieved

To date, promising results have been achieved that can enable significant efficiency improvements (in the order of tens of percentage points) without additional investments in installed plant. The exploration of new business and operating models is still in its early stages and is expected to be accompanied by the planned revision of the Energy markets.


Technologies developed and applied 

In terms of technologies, capabilities have been enhanced for:

  • Models based on multi-physics simulations
  • Extraction of surrogate models to enable optimisation and control strategies.
  • Calculation of flexibility to adapt demand or generation to market conditions or other criteria.


Vicomtech's role:

Vicomtech participates in the activities that are part of the technology platform and those that try to develop new ways to interact with Energy markets and needs.



The IA4TES consortium includes 2 driving companies (Iberdrola and Indra), 9 SMEs, 4 Research Centres including Vicomtech and 2 Universities. The project has received funding of €12.5 million under the Next Generation EU funds for R&D and Innovation Missions in AI.



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