Interactive technology for multi-room, multi-screen, multi-camera music festivals



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The main objective of this project is to generate a new product that makes possible a new hyper-connected music festival, driven by new ICT technologies, which connects different music venues, located or not soon, with spectators who can live a unique experience from one of the venues, or from their homes. DABADABA has participated in the KSI Berritzaile 2017 programme, in which a multi-camera and multi-screen streaming of one of its concerts has been carried out. That is to say, a spectator could follow live, and later on demand, the concert of the band Peach Pit (26th of October).
of the band Peach Pit (26 January 2018, at DABADABA 1) through a unique experience.
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the project's objectives have been reoriented: concert venues have had to reinvent themselves to offer quality content remotely and not only in person. Therefore, venues have to be connected for performances in which musicians can be distributed in different locations, and spectators can follow the concert from their own home, without the need to travel to the concert hall.

In the VINIM project, Vicomtech has been a technological partner of Dabadaba and has offered its know-how when it comes to making the software, choosing the appropriate hardware and deploying the installation in the concert hall.

Neural networks have been developed in the project to make "pose detection", which have allowed measuring the engagement of users in a concert hall and measuring how many people were in each hall. At the same time, the same pose detection system and others have been used for face detection to generate visual effects that change according to how users move.

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