Large Population Health Monitoring and Clinical Assessment Platform



15.12.2015 - 14.06.2017

SMARTHEALTH project is focused in the development of a cost-efficient remote health monitoring and clinical assessment platform that meets the needs of the Global population within the objectives planned for the Smart-cities . SMARTHEALTH project tackles this objective by means of the design, development and validation of a system that is tailored towards patient centred care.

SMARTHEALTH project will build on top of pre-existing successful Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Remote Patient Monitoring own products:
-    INVIZA has developed and marketed an Electronic Health Record (EHR) / Hospital Information System (HIS) called Hygehos® ( which has already been deployed in a set of relevant clinics and hospitals in Spain.
-    PLENAR has developed the Doctodoor® Remote Monitoring Platform ( which is going to be used at the project.

More in detail, SMARTHEALTH project will integrate HYGEHOS ® ( EHR and Doctodoor ® ( Remote Patient Monitoring Platform, and will extend the resulting new product by means of conducting research and development on:
a)    Effective techniques in order to facilitate massive data collection of a variety of personal health-related data (such as treatment adherence, environmental, lifestyle, social, …) of large populations,
b)    Develop protocols and engaging patient interfaces for remote follow-up system to compliment tele-consultations, post-surgery monitoring/rehabilitation, chronic disease management, and
c)    Semi-automatized clinical assessment support tools in order to support the physicians to cost-effectively monitor and assess large number of patients.

SMARTHEALTH platform will be co-designed and co-developed with representative sample of patients, carers/nurses, physicians and health system managers, and it will be validated in real clinical scenarios in India and Spain.

Finally, SMARTHEALTH project aims at remarkably impacting the Global eHealth market at the end of the project, by the marketing of a health platform that can cover the health needs of an ample portion of the population in both developing and developed nations, provide effective support to the physicians, and significantly contribute to the sustainability of health care providers

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